Over the past two years we have celebrated the 150th anniversary of our congregation and the tenth anniversary of our Senior Minister. We are in an exciting time of growth and renewal as we look to what the future will hold for First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. With this in mind, our board of trustees voted to undertake a strategic planning process this year. A small group of people who represent different aspects of our church life were asked to serve as a planning to guide the process.

This project gives us an opportunity to explore more deeply who we are, whom we are here to serve, and what we are called to do and become. We are calling it The Road Ahead. Now, The Road Ahead team needs your help. We want to hear from each of you because your voice is vital to the work we will be engaged in throughout this year. Many of us have found First Church to be the home we longed for and we want to ensure that the course we set will put us on a path to a bright future for those of us who love this church – and for all those still looking for a place to belong.

  • Take the Survey

The Road Ahead team has compiled a survey to help us understand the congregation better and to help us develop strategies as we move forward. Take the survey now by clicking the button below.

  • Sign Up for a Community Conversation

In the coming weeks we will be gathering small groups of people for deeper conversations about the hopes and dreams we have for our church. Who are we as a church when we’re at our best? Through structured small-group dialogues we will name our core values as a community.

We are currently offering three Community Conversation sessions:

  • Dec. 2nd at 9am in Fifield Room

  • Dec. 2nd at 12:30pm in Fifield Room

  • Dec. 9th at 12:30pm in Amanda Scott

If you are interested in being a part of a Community Conversation, please email and let us know which session you’d like to attend.

Additional groups will be scheduled as we learn what times and places work best for all of you. Please keep an eye on the Meetinghouse and your inbox for more information about how to take part in one of these Community Conversations.

The Road Ahead represents a unique opportunity to take a step back and envision the future we want for ourselves as a church and as a community. Join us!

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-The Road Ahead Team

Herman Milholland, David Gentle, Jason Lambert, Dawn Vincent Shickley, Helena Yoon-Fontamillas, Julie Hogenboom, Ariel Rose, and Tom Strickler