Children & Families at First Church

It’s fun! It’s creative! It’s engaging! It’s First Kids First, our spiritual enrichment program for all children that emphasizes spiritual growth through music, arts & crafts, Bible stories and more. Lead by dynamic teachers, kids explore life-lessons together, actively participate in worship, and gain a good spiritual foundation for their developing lives.

Infants and toddlers through age 4 meet in the Infant and Toddler Room by the side playground with Ms. Maria and Ms. Glenda; Kindergarten through 5th grade kids will be dismissed from the 11:00 am service at the end of announcements for a Bible story, craft, and play in Wong Chapel and the side playground with Mr. Ian, and Ms. Emily.

Acolyte Program

Available to 4th grade-8th grade is the acolyte program. This is a very important ministry as the acolytes symbolically bring light into the worship service during the processional hymn. Each week, one or two Acolytes will be scheduled and should arrive 15 minutes before the 11:00 service to put on robes and receive any special instructions.  To sign up for Acolyte training, please contact Rev. Fregin at

We look forward to welcoming your child to First Kids First!

All children who attend must be registered by a parent or guardian. Please fill out the registration form (PDF) by clicking HERE, and bringing it with you. Parents should stop by the First Kids First room on their first visit to pick up a pager (in case any problems arise during the service) and to make sure their child is comfortable and settled in the



Pastor Wally Hoeger

Associate Minister of Children, Youth & Families