Music Department

We are currently auditioning for multiple positions both for permanent and rotating section leaders for soprano, alto, and bass singers. Each of these singers will be members of Laude, the church's professional ensemble, and serve as section leaders for the Cathedral Choir.

  • The permanent position includes regular Thursday evening and Sunday morning paid calls throughout the year.

  • The rotating position includes less frequent paid calls (between 4-10 annually).

Ideal candidates are excellent sight readers, ample leaders, and facile in multiple singing styles.  The FCCLA choral community is a warm, welcoming, and diverse place where we strive to create fulfilling musical experiences for all.  

Section leaders have ongoing solo opportunities with The Great Organs, and opportunities to lead the ensemble in other ways as well including conducting and having compositions and arrangements performed.

Interested parties please email Dr. David Harris, Music Director, at with a CV and two videos of your singing solos in different styles.  The positions are open until filled.

FCCLA is a progressive, positive, and open church with a strong arts and music culture. We welcome and celebrate those of different faith traditions, cultural backgrounds, and sexual orientations and expect employees to do the same.