Sunday Forums

Sunday Forums at First Church offer a new opportunity to come together and explore issues of importance to the Congregation.  Some Forum Series topics include:

  • "Wise Women Also Came," which offered a new context in which to view the story of the Three Wise Men. Women of varying faith traditions we invited to share their experiences as leaders in their communities.

  • "Reading the Gospels Like a Biblical Scholar," where we explore the historical and social contexts of the Biblical gospels, as well as their writers and the communities they wrote for.

First Church Book Club

Many of us here at First Church love to read books of all kinds and share our favorite works over food, drink, and fellowship. We are inclusive of all genres from religious to secular, fiction to non-fiction, and autobiographies to children’s stories; there’s something for everyone! If you wish to discuss your favorite piece in a casual, fun, and welcoming environment then First Church’s Book Club is the place for you.

Every other month we choose a book that we would like to read as a group. During the other months, we simply meet to share what exciting pieces we’ve been reading with the group. A schedule will be listed on this page, or emailed to the group. If you aren’t able to read anything, but simply want some great suggestions for future reading, then you are more than welcome to join and listen.

We meet one Sunday each month shortly after the worship service. We start our discussion at about 12:30 pm, but you’re free to wander in as needed. Our current meeting place is in Fifield. Food and drink are available for purchase. Check out the schedule listed to see what we’re reading in the upcoming months. No matter what we’re reading, you are always welcome to join our group.

Seekers Series

At First Church we hope everyone will want to nurture and grow her or his faith beyond the worship experience. As a journey church, small group learning and interaction is essential as one experiences all the highs and lows of life. Our goal is to assist and encourage you as you grow, giving permission for all the hard questions to be asked without pretending as though the answers will always be simple or easily found.

If you’re looking for a place and people discovering a faith that makes sense – if you’re looking for a place and people who take pride in their diversity and believe corporate interaction is essential to personal growth – if you’re looking for a place and people who believe God is seeking a deeper relationship with us before we have even considered it – then getting involved in Spirituality at First Church is for you.