First Church has a long history of championing issues of social justice and equality.   Each Sunday, our Justice & Outreach Team staff tables on Sundays with letter writing campaigns, work on collecting needed items for our partner charities throughout the city, plan film forums, and arrange for special guests who give us new vision for the challenges that face our community. For more information about our Justice & Outreach Programs, please contact Jessica Harmon.


Our Community Partners

On Easter Sunday of 2017, our Congregation came together, and in one voice, affirmed these core values: 

  • We believe the gospel of Christ calls us to speak to our times, as it did to all our Christian ancestors

  • We affirm that God’s love shines equally on all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, or religion.

  • We affirm all creation is God’s handiwork, and that we are called to respect, protect, and nurture it. Not exploit it.

  • We embrace the diversity of our city and nation, and seek respect for women, immigrants, different nationalities, minority groups, the poor, and the disadvantaged in our society.

  • We resist those who use hate, anger, and intimidation to divide us, and who use speech, disinformation, and actions to demean others.

  • We resolve to make our church a safe place for all people of good will and to welcome them with dignity, respect, and compassion.

  • We commit ourselves to make our church a vibrant place for ideas, a faith informed by reason, experience, scholarship, and scientific knowledge.