If you have ever been to a Bruce Springsteen concert you know how transformative that experience can be. Perhaps more than any other musician in our time, ‘The Boss’ has been able to cut through the division of our culture and bring us a feeling of unity – often with 10,000 of our new best friends. At these concerts strangers stand side by side and dance together. They sing the lyrics to every song by heart. And as they look into each other’s eyes sharing this experience, the separations dissolve.

We must now find ways to cut through the separation that is dividing our country and the music of Bruce Springsteen may be just what we need. On Sunday, November 4th, two days before the General Election, we are throwing ‘The Boss Mass.’ We will begin with a mixer at 6pm in the beautiful forecourt of First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. At 7pm we will throw open the doors that lead to our majestic cathedral sanctuary and then we are going to do some of Springsteen’s greatest songs. There will be live music from The Coals, along with the Great Organs of First Church and we can guarantee the crowd will all be on their feet singing those songs that speak to our deepest longings, and call for the better angels of our humanity.

We would love for you to be a part of this night and if your non-profit would like to have a table during our mixer, we welcome your participation. If you are interested in more information on ways you can partner with us for this event, please contact Laura Fregin at lfregin@fccla.org.

This is NOT a Bruce Springsteen concert. The Boss Mass is a special service that uses the music of Bruce Springsteen as our inspiration. This is a time for our community to come together in unity and share in the gift of Bruce Springsteen’s beloved songs.