9:30AM - Shatto Chapel

Have you noticed that sometimes, those who talk the most about the Bible have only a limited view of its meaning? In our fall Sunday Forum series, Dr. Colglazier will lead us to explore the historical and social contexts of the Biblical gospels, as well as their writers and the communities they wrote for. Through this short series, we will look for new insights into these texts and together, find the ways they can have value for our lives today.

10:30AM - Prelude on the Great Organs

  • Three pieces by Jacques Lemmens  – Elevation in F   – Trio I   – Trio II   – Improvisation
  • Moderato in C + Improvisation (J. Rinck)
  • Voluntary on TOPLADY (Robert Lind)
  • Saraband and Minuet in A minor (Henry Purcell)
  • Hymn Improvisation

11:00AM - Worship Service

Sermon -  “Weather: Five Ways of Thinking About Storms”

12:15PM - Coffee Hour on the Forecourt

12:30PM - Women's Association Luncheon