9:30AM - Seekers Class

Every Sunday through Nov. 19th. The Seekers class will resume on Oct. 15, after Dr. Colglazier’s Sunday Forum Series concerning the historical contexts of the Gospels concludes.  For five Sundays, through Nov. 19, Jessica Harmon will lead discussions inspired by Rob Bell’s What Is the Bible?:  How an Ancient Library of Poems, Letters, and Stories Can Transform the Way You Think and Feel About Everything.  Jessica will distill his book into five focused topics and compare Bell’s analysis with other perspectives. 

10:30AM - Prelude on the Great Organs

   Old English Organ Music Part 2:

    – Adagio in F major (John Bennett)

    – Voluntary in G minor (Thomas Roseingrave)

    – Cornet Voluntary in D minor (Henry Heron)

    – Andante in A major (Maurice Greene)

    – Diapason Movement in G minor (William Goodwin)

    – Voluntary in E minor (John Stanley)

 Hymn Improvisation

11:00AM - Worship Service

Sermon Title: “The Religion of Tomorrow: How Jesus Became God”

12:15PM - Coffee Hour on the Forecourt