Giving to First Church

     At First Church, we consider every pledge, tithe, offering, or contribution a gift for the life of our community of faith. No matter how it’s given, our gifts show our gratitude. We have made certain giving is as easy as possible. If you no longer carry checks or cash, but always have your phone – you can download an app or give by text. If you want to set up a weekly or monthly contribution, you can do so through e-giving. If you want to make a contribution for the weeks you are away, you can access the giving portal HERE and make your gift. Please accept our thanks for your continued generosity and support.

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This past year, we have celebrated the rich history of First Congregational Church as we observed our 150th anniversary.  During this time, we have been reminded once again what an honor it is to be the oldest Protestant church in Los Angeles.  Our history is intertwined with the history of our city.  Our roots reach deep into the earliest beginnings of Christianity, and we embrace the traditions of our faith on every level.  As we look to our future, we give thanks for these roots, and we feel the powerful place they have established for us in the City of Angels.

As our beautiful community of faith continues to grow, we’re building the wings that will carry us into the next chapter of First Church’s story.  Wings of music, art, and language to bring joy and inspiration.  Wings of diversity, justice, and inclusiveness to give belonging and hope.  Wings of peace, comfort, and caring in tumultuous times.

This year, we will honor Roots and Wings as we look toward the future of First Church through our annual giving campaign. 

What does it mean to pledge?

A pledge is a non-legally binding commitment to give a certain amount of money to First Church within the 2018 calendar year.  Pledging helps you set your finances for the year, including planning for your tax deduction.  Similarly, your pledge also helps the church budget for the year.  Only you can determine for yourself what to pledge – what is comfortable, yet at the same time, audacious.  Whether you’re able to make a tithe of 10% of your income, or you start lower and work your way up, the important thing is to take the step as part of your spiritual journey.

Why pledge to First Church?

First Church counts on annual pledges to sustain the remarkable structure (both physical and spiritual) of this church.  Under the leadership of Dr. Colglazier, First Church has come to define itself as a community that celebrates our differences and continues to question, with love, what it means to be Christians in Los Angeles.  Every pledge, no matter the amount, creates another tether to this mission and supports the rich programmatic life of this unique community.  Your pledge to First Church is a symbol of your commitment to the financial wellbeing of your spiritual home.

The Goals of 2018 Pledge Campaign

Achieve at least 160 pledges.  We are so grateful to those of you who celebrated our 150th Anniversary with us by becoming one of the 156 families to make a pledge to First Church! Whether you’ve pledged for many years or just joined in, we hope you will continue the journey with us this year.

Increase amounts in 75% of current pledges. Every pledge makes a difference, and an increase in your yearly giving has a significant impact on what we experience together.

Increase the number of pledges fulfilled through eOffering from 86 to 95. We know that it might feel strange to not place anything in the offering plate on Sunday morning, but by fulfilling your pledge automatically each month through eOffering, your intention to provide for First Church is clear.  First Church is able to sustain our ongoing operations because of the consistency of the eOffering program.

We hope you will join us in celebrating Roots and Wings by making your pledge to First Church. Whatever reason you decide to pledge, your story is a vital part of our roots, and your generosity will help us build our wings, as we reach out to our communities, our city, and our world.

We appreciate your contributions. We’ve made donating to First Church more convenient than ever. There are plenty of ways to give electronically, and as always, you can call the Advancement Office at 213.355.5228 or email Sammi Smith at if you have any questions.

Other Ways to Give



* Download the ShelbyNext Giving app for iOS or Android.

* Search for First Congregational Church of Los Angeles by name or ZIP code (90020).



* Send a text with the amount of your donation to 213-263-5830. (Ex. Text 10 for $10.00)

* If you are a first-time text-giving donor, you will be prompted to visit a secure URL, where you will enter your credit/debit card information.



* Call the Advancement Office at 213.355.5228 to set up a monthly or semimonthly recurring contribution from your checking account.